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Mrs. ABLA, enriched by her experience of more than 20 years in various ceremonies, festivals and other events, since the creation of Dar Abla LLC in 1990, founded in her work a commitment to excellence. Mrs. is updating herself constantly in order to integrate modernity in a traditional trade. Every year is more exciting than the year before!

She will be able to organize your event in the purest respect of our Moroccan traditions; with the assistance of a sharp team of professionals. She will be able to meet all of your requirements while taking care of the good progress of your ceremony, and this will remain for you and you loved ones a very special moment.

Mrs. ABLA will reveal you all her know-how and will advise you in the course of your ceremony, according to the budget you planned, by presenting all the possibilities to you, and letting you personally choose the best scenario that will be appropriate for you.

She will be able, if you wish it, to assist you in the choice of all the working members of the ceremony, to help you complete a homogeneous team of compatible people, which will ensure the best course for your ceremony. 

However, if you have space in your house, or villa, we are able to arrange in that space, or in a provisional room all the elements (the tapestry, the luminaries, the draping net curtain, the Throne chairs for the bride and groom, the band

We’re also able to take care of everything for you. The organization of your ceremony from A to Z. Our services will meet all of your expectations, in order to mage the event special in its entirety, namely by dealing with: Marriage, Engagement, Embellishment of the bride (Negaffa or Ziana), Baptism, and any traditional Event. Catering of traditional or modern Moroccan cuisine, Menus according to the formula of your choice, Reservation of Catering Halls, Photograph services and event animation. With regard to our catering, several menus are available. As a reference: Mrs. Abla was chosen by Mrs. Choumicha (A Moroccan Culinary Critic), to represent the Gharb Region, during her famous culinary emission “CHHIOUATES BLADI”, dedicated to the city of Kénitra.


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