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All our know-how will be revealed to you and we will advise you in the choice of Music Band, DJ, Dakka Marrakchia, Assaouas,or Mussamiaates, according to the event which you will be celebrating.

The traditional rite, consists in beginning the evening, by spirituous songs, sung by the Taiffas Aissaoua.

Then, the event will continue with the playing the local choice of music, such as Dakka Marrakchia, with the band wearing local colors of that region. These two preceding events will create an immediate mood of joy and happiness between the bride and groom and their many guests.

Then, we generally finish the evening with the band playing and animating the dance floor all night. The choice of music is mostly Chaabi (local Moroccan folk) and oriental selections with most of the choices dedicated to the bride and groom.

Of course, if the budget does not allow it, or available space doesnt make it possible to accommodate a whole band (Some bands are more than 15 persons + equipment), a DJ, specific to marriages, can ensure a festive moment.

Some marriages can hire several bands, able to play different types of music (with several artists). On the other hand, by introducing a DJ at the end, one can finish the evening by playing contemporary choices.

For certain types of ceremonies, where men and women are seperated, the musical accompaniment will be done by an exclusively female band: Mussamiaates, which will ensure a lovely musical environment, by combining the song in Dikr.


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