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So that the ceremony is even more sparkling and refreshing, think of the floral decorations of your catering hall, as well as the bride and grooms head table. Dont forget the bouquet of the bride and the flower decorations for the grooms car.

One will be able to charm your senses by flowers in bouquets, baskets, garlands or pots. Without this decoration the ceremony would not be as joyful. The flowers will live up the ceremony and induce a mood of purity. Our flower decorator will be able to cover it all in white if you wish, or with Lilies, Pinks, and other Orchids which will dazzle your guests.

For tight budgets, flowers from the fields, wild Daisies and Pinks will make an eye-catching effect. The florist is not the only one who can make your decorations. We place at your disposal pre-made decorative plants that can be also used to embellish your decor. Centers of tables can also be decorated with natural flowers and will also add to the aesthetic beauty of your Hall.

Of course, the bride will definitely not leave the hall without her bouquet. Composed of fresh or artificial flowers, it can take several possible forms. With the choice of a round bouquet, falling,trown, Aumoniere, or attached firmly, simple or sophisticated, you will be able to preserve it or, as the tradition goes, to throw it in direction of your unmarried friends. The lucky one who catches it will be the next one to marry!


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